Erbil International Hospital

Emergency Department

Emergency Department

provides 24-hour emergency care to patients who need urgent medical attention.
Acute care of patients established with highly trained emergency doctors ,emergency nurses, and other health professionals on site to deal with emergencies.
Our ER is specially designed and equipped according to highest international standards to fulfil the need of patients of all ages.

. In an emergency situation, call 0751 745 1010 and ask for an ambulance.
. WE offers round the clock private emergency service 7 days a week including official holidays .
. ER is located on the Ground Floor and has its own direct entrance .

Emergency Services

• Triage room
• Resuscitation room
• Medical observation room
• Pediatric room
• Gynecological examination room
• Ambulance service


Our specialized vehicles that fully equipped with necessary equipment , the ambulance service is available 24 hours a day for emergency situation, such as critical cases, accidents and transferring patients from and to EIH. This services provide by highly qualified and experienced medical team in 24 hours around clock.

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