Erbil International Hospital

Erbil international private hospital pediatric department


develop international high standard pediatric care (western countries qualified services)


  1. A pediatric department that can fully support the life of any sick child including both devices, tools, consumables, medications, and staff including subspecialities
  2. A pediatric service that treats the child not as patient but as a quest and a hospital family member to a level that parents and family can leave the child alone in the hospital

1.Pediatric emergency

that provides 24 hours affordable emergency pediatric services including life support and being able to mobilize by ambulance to any sick baby anywhere in Erbil and in Kurdistan whether home, or other hospital who call for help


that can take all level of sick babies down to 23 weeks and down to a birth weight of 500 grams with full modern neonatology service include custom made TPN, labor room standard resuscitation, noninvasive ventilation, invasive conventional ventilation, high frequency ventilation, cooling, and thermoregulation, inhaled nitric oxide, neonatal transport of sick babies by car and flight


that can take all level of sickness and being able to provide full life support including, sick children, trauma children, acute respiratory diseases, comma

4.General pediatric surgery

being able to operate on all type of general pediatric surgeries and all weight include but not limited to imperforated anus, omphalocele, gastroschisis, intestinal atresia, shunts, diaphragmatic hernia, bladder exstrophy and others. Also are able to transfer all post-surgical patients to us for care

5.Specialized pediatric surgery

Especially cardiac and neurological including but not limited to all complex and simple open-heart surgery. We are looking to do surgeries that never been done in Iraq such as switch of D-TGA, TAPVR and others

6.Pediatric ward

that able to provide pre and post intensive care car, deliver home care and other services related to diagnosis and management of pediatric patients

7.Outpatient clinic

To follow all pediatric patients graduated from the delivery room, from emergency department, from NICU, from PICU and those who consult the call center or walk in to the hospital

8.Newborn services

These are 24 hours 7 days a week services which include
   A. Attending delivery during normal vaginal delivery, assistant vaginal delivery, or C-section
   B. Antenatal consult of any expected high-risk delivery including but limited to IVF pregnancy, fetal growth restriction, congenital    malformation, expected small weight, expected large weight, prematurity and those who need special attention
   C. Newborn screening this include
    • Metabolic screening
    • Screening for cataract
    • Screening for hearing defect
    • Screening for congenital developmental dysplasia of hip
    • Screening for critical congenital heart diseases
    • Screening for general congenital malformation
    • Screening for hypoglycemia
    • Screening for jaundice
    • Screening for brain malformation
   D. Newborn assessment within 2 days of birth

9. Rapid response team and code blue emergency services

For any baby who suddenly deteriorated in the hospital

10. NETS: Neonatal emergency transport services

being able to transfer any sick baby by car or flight form and to the hospital with all appropriate life support

11. PETS: Pediatric emergency transport services

being able to transfer any sick baby by car or flight form and to the hospital with all appropriate life support

12. Pediatric rehabilitation center

for those children who needs this service include
    A. Nutritional rehabilitation (for failure to thrive, obesity, eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia)
    B. Physical rehabilitation that deals with (intoe, outtoe, bowl leg, knock knee, cerebral palsy, in ability to walk, limb        discrepancies, and others
    C. Functional rehabilitation such as enuresis, encopresis, toilet use and others
    D. Behavioral rehabilitation such ADHD, delay language, aggressive behaviors, self-harm, destruction behaviors, violence,        conduct disorders
    E. Learning and school difficulty such as reading disability, writing disability, amathmetica, memory difficulties and others

13. Pediatric and internal and clinical pharmacy services

that can provide
    A. All outpatient medications including rare diseases
    B. Make custom made TPN for Erbil international hospital pediatric patient and support other hospitals
    C. Provide all life support medications

14. Pediatric laboratory services

that provide all necessary 24 hours pediatric laboratory services such as
    A. Different type of blood gas, 24 hours blood cultures and others
    B. Rare and genetic tests including but not limited to medical, drug level, poisoning levels, and others inside the hospital or as         outsourcing
    C. Provide all life support medications

15. Pediatric radiology services

that can provide
    A. 24 hours XR both portable and immobile
    B. 24 hours US services including both specialized sonographer and point of care US
    C. Antennal standard fetal screening for congenital malformation and fetal well being
    D. 24 hours CT scan services
    E. 24 hours MRI services
    F. Cardiac MRI
    G. MRV
    H. MRCP
    I. Fetal MRI

16. Pediatric cardiology services

    A. Neonatal and pediatric ECHO
    B. Interventional cardiology
    C. Hemodynamics

17. Other pediatric subspecialities

including but not limited to ENT, ophthalmology, orthopedics

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